Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Planner/Public School Teacher/BPA K-12 Contractor/USPS Contractor/Founder of Smart Map Imaging

Educational Background: BA Bemidji State University --1974; MA Western Illinois University --1980; Teacher Certification Portland State University --1984

Prior Governmental Experience: U.S. Army; Scappoose Planning Commission; County Planning Advisory Committees; Park & Recreation Commissioner

Dear Voters,

We have an obligation to work for a legacy we can be proud to leave our children!

To achieve this, our congressional representatives must insist upon finding innovative solutions and working across party lines to solve the urgent problems we currently face. The five problems listed below have bipartisan solutions, if the political will to deal with them exists in Congress. I am willing to represent you, and if elected I pledge to do my utmost to facilitate these five changes!

  1. Convert our primary energy to clean hydrogen-based fuels, wind, etc. by 2019

  2. Simplify the federal tax system by changing to a national sales tax or transaction fee system to broaden the base and make it more fair

  3. Overhaul public education to include consistent national standards, compulsory national service, and incentives for school uniforms

  4. Create incentives for a healthier citizenry using health savings accounts and proven wellness programs

  5. Develop and establish practical, even-handed foreign policy standards

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Joel Haugen

(This information furnished by Joel Haugen.)