State Representative
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Occupation: Utility Worker

Occupational Background: Revenue Officer, Administrative Manager, Sales Representative

Educational Background: Woodstock Grade School, Franklin High School, George Washington University; Portland State University, BA Business Administration, Certificate International Business Studies; Intern, President Hotel, Capetown, South Africa; Lloyd Porter Award for International Business Studies; AIESEC, International Association of Business Students

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Military Background: US Navy; Naval Support Activity, Dong Tam, Vietnam; USS Concord AFS-5

Memberships: Life Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars; Past Chapter Commander and Life Member, Disabled American Veterans; Member, Mobile Riverine Force Association

Political Background: Multnomah County Democratic Party, Precinct Committee Person; Chair, Platform, Resolution and Legislation Committee; Member, Democratic Party of Oregon Platform Committee

Volunteer Background: High School Site Council; Youth Soccer Coach, Youth Soccer Board; Richmond Neighborhood Emergency Team, union steward

We want government to provide many services. To do this we need to enhance revenue without increasing taxes. This can be done by:

  1. Insuring compliance with current revenue producing law

  2. Repealing tax discounts to special interest groups

  3. Repealing property tax limitations noted in the Oregon Constitution

    This would allow counties previously dependent on timber severence tax payments to increase their property tax from 58 cents per thousand dollars of value. Multnomah County residents pay about $10.00 per thousand dollars of value;

  4. Repealing the kicker law

  5. Disconnecting from the federal tax code

  6. Funding education with school district property tax instead of state income tax

Gordon Hillesland is the only candidate in House District 42 not advocating new taxes.

Gordon Hillesland would not have supported:

Senate Bill 819 which provides kicker refunds to corporations that do not pay state income tax.

House Bill 3046 which allows government to use lottery funds to build a liquid natural gas pipeline in Coos County, avoid the payment of property tax and use the right of eminent domain to appropriate private property for the benefit of private industry.

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(This information furnished by Gordon Hillesland.)