State Representative
John E. Huffman photo
John E.


Occupation: State Representative; Commercial property owner

Occupational Background: Manager, Q104 radio, 1985-2007; Ford Dealership Manager 1980-1984; US Army, 1978-79.

Educational Background: Some college

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Investment Board; The Dalles Chamber of Commerce Economic Development

"John's a good man who understands small business and agriculture, and has long been a positive force in his community. He's a strong voice for rural Oregon."

Congressman Greg Walden

Creating Opportunities and Jobs
As a small business owner, John understands the importance of a healthy economy-it means tax revenues go up, and schools and necessary social services are funded. John is working with state and county officials to expand local job opportunities:

1. Keeping the Regional Rural Investment Program alive with help from Oregon Economic and Community Development.
2. Identifying funding for Columbia Gorge Community College for Nursing, Wind Smith Programs and the Work Force Center.
3. Capturing Connect Oregon II dollars for local jobs.

Getting the Job Done in Salem
In a few short months, John has a list of accomplishments that will help solve several problems here at home:

1. Through a public/private partnership, getting cellular telephone to Fossil this year.
2. Connecting communities with funding for infrastructure projects and necessary programs.
3. Reduce the inheritance tax burden for heirs of natural resource property like family farms.

Working to Represent a Diverse District
There are almost 30 communities in this district-all with different needs. John is traveling throughout the district, meeting people and listening to their concerns. As your state representative, he takes his job seriously when it comes to knowing what is happening in communities he represents.

"John Huffman is dedicated to learning not only about the issues that face our region, but also to understanding the structures that make government work. That is what I like about him and why I support him for this office."

Laura Pryor
Interim Director,
Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facilities

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect John E. Huffman.)