State Representative
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Occupation: Law Student.

Occupational Background: Helped at-risk children do better in school at Serendipity Center; Managed staffing company with 100 employees and receivables of over $1.5 million.

Educational Background: Bachelor's Degree, Portland State University.

Prior Governmental Experience:Working for Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen, developed recycling program to reduce waste.

From Here. For Us.

Nick has lived in East County all his life and he knows how hard work and family values have made this a place that we're proud of.

Nick also sees the challenges confronting our community. Challenges like making health care more affordable and government more accountable. To confront these challenges, Nick would use an East County perspective to do the right thing for us.

Make health care more affordable

It's time that families come first, not the big insurance companies. Nick Kahl wants to reduce the money spent on unnecessary insurance company bureaucracy.

Get school funding into the classroom

Our kids will need a solid education to succeed in tomorrow's job market. Nick Kahl supports cutting administrative spending to lower class sizes and improve student performance.

Reduce crime on MAX

MAX shouldn't be a crime hotspot any longer. Nick Kahl thinks state government should play a larger role in ensuring public safety on MAX and in the neighborhoods.

Cut government waste

The politicians are good at dreaming up new programs but not so good at making them work. Nick Kahl will fight to cut government waste and make sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

ENDORSERS: American Federation of Teachers-Oregon; Carpenters Union Local 247; Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Commissioner District 2; Shirley Craddick, Gresham City Councilor; NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC; Exterior/Interior Specialists Local 2154; Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37; Oregon Education Association; Oregon League of Conservation Voters; Pile Drivers, Divers and Shipwrights, Local 2416; Lonnie Roberts, Multnomah County Commissioner District 4; SEIU Locals 49 & 503; Paul Warr-King, Gresham City Councilor; Ted Wheeler, Multnomah County Chair.


(503) 481-7264

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Nick Kahl.)