County Office
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Occupation: Sherman County Commissioner; Sherman County Historical Society Museum Coordinator.

Occupational Background: farm business owner/operator; retail business owner/operator.

Educational Background: Eastern Oregon (College) University, BA General Studies 1988; Oregon State (College) University 1955-1958; Sherman County Public Schools.

Prior Governmental Experience: Sherman County Commissioner 1999-present; Sherman County Planning Commission; Sherman County High School Board of Directors; Wasco School Board of Directors; Oregon Geographic Names Board; Sherman County Republican Precinct Committee.

Winds of change. At an exciting time, Sherry is prepared to continue to help build Sherman County's capacity to shape change and solve problems while taking advantage of opportunities.

Opportunities. In a strong agricultural economy with developing wind energy and ample space for growth, Sherry sees opportunities for thoughtful strategic planning to improve rural education, county-wide infrastructure, and culture. Equally important are opportunities to strengthen potential, emerging and present leaders, community collaboration, citizen involvement, and community services.

Experience. This is the time for a team-player with experience, character and integrity. A County Commissioner for nine years, Sherry has focused on housing, project funding, mental and public health, leadership training, the County web site and newsletter, public transit, the new public/school library, tourism marketing, historic preservation and services for seniors and youth. Her experience with regional and state boards brings a broad perspective to her work.

A Personal Stake. "We're all in this together," Kaseberg says. "I have a personal stake here where we raised our children, operated a business, and have grandchildren in school. It's a privilege to serve and I pledge to continue to work hard for the best interests of Sherman County."

Because Sherry understands the County's needs and issues, there will be no lawn signs or posters for her campaign. Instead, she contributed to local youth organizations where the need is great.

(This information furnished by Elect Sherry Kaseberg.)