State Representative
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Occupation: Legislator; education consultant.

Occupational Background: Betty has worked as a farm hand; youth minister; principal; assistant principal; teacher; cook; and legislative leader.

Educational Background: As a single mom, Betty went back to college and earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Western Oregon University.

Prior Governmental Experience: House District 22 Representative, 2004-present; Mt. Angel School Board, 1986-1990.

Family: Four daughters, eight grandchildren, and 13 siblings.

Dear Friends:

You honored me in 2004 and 2006 by electing me your representative. I've spent my time as a legislator doing my best to live up to the trust you've placed in me.

I've worked hard to reduce government waste by reducing expensive Golden Parachutes for retiring school administrators and helping pass legislation creating the Committee on Performance Excellence to force state agencies to be more efficient.We also reduced health insurance overhead costs for school employees to put more money in the classroom. School districts can use this savings to improve student performance.

To keep our community safe and secure, I supported consumer protection bills to reduce predatory lending in Oregon. We also now have the funding to create 24/7 State Police patrols on highways across Oregon.

Health care continues to be too expensive. In 2007, the Legislature reduced prescription drug costs. During the 2008 session, we also increased funding for additional health care options for seniors to maintain a high level of quality care.

Serving you has been a great honor. With your support, I will keep representing the views of District 22 next year. Thank you for voting and keeping our state the vibrant, beautiful place that it is.


Betty Komp

(This information furnished by Betty Komp.)