State Representative
Wayne Krieger photo


Occupation: State Representative, District 1; Owner/operator Skyview Ranch/Tree Farm

Occupational Background: Oregon State Police, Rancher, Forest Manager

Educational Background: Gearhart/Seaside schools; Oregon Technical Institute; Oregon State Police Academy

Prior Governmental Experience: Natural Resource -Ways and Means Committee; Chair - Senior Taskforce; Pacific Fisheries Legislative Taskforce; Western Legislative Forestry Taskforce; Oregon Board of Forestry; Oregon Water Enhancement Board; Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and the Governor's Landslide Taskforce; Chair - house Judiciary, member of Emergency Preparedness & Ocean Policy and State and Federal Affairs Committees


Education is the foundation of the next generation. We must find a stable dedicated funding source for K-12.


Wayne has supported legislation to protect women and children from sexual predators. Oregon should not be a place sexual predators would be allowed to ruin women and children's lives.


Oregon must reduce bureaucracy and become a business friendly state. It is important that we create new job opportunities and protect our natural resource economy. We need to focus on family wage jobs that will allow young people to continue to live in Southwestern Oregon.


Wayne supports the sustainable, balanced harvest of our fisheries, timber and agricultural resources based on sound science. He was successful in getting the death tax reduced on farms, ranches, small woodlands and commercial fisheries.


Wayne spearheaded the Meth Work Group of two Republicans and two Democrats, including himself and together they produced the "Meth Package." This legislation increased penalties for meth dealers and cooks and provided increases in recovery programs including drug courts.


Wayne has worked diligently to make State Agencies accountable and reduce bureaucracy. He patterned the Dependency Work Group after the meth group, to make the Department of Human Resources accountable, protect foster children and parents, and provide justice. They passed ten pieces of legislation unanimously, and continue to work to develop a better more fair system of foster care.

(This information furnished by Wayne Krieger for State Representative.)