State Representative
Piotr Kuklinski photo


Occupation: Physician

Occupational Background: Internal Medicine Physician - Private Practice

Educational Background: MD - Medical Academy, Gdansk, Poland

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Family: Married with three children ages 14 to 19

As a local physician I have spent over a decade healing people and fixing problems. Today, when I look at Oregon I see problems but I also see solutions; simple solutions that only a fresh prospective can provide.


Our healthcare system is the best in the world but it has gotten bogged down in bureaucracy and unnecessary regulation. It's not right when a physician spends 15 minutes treating a patient and 20 minutes filling out the paperwork. We must simplify the system so our physicians can come out from behind the desk and get back to treating patients. As your state representative I want to put common sense back into healthcare.


As a parent with school age children I understand the challenges faced in our classrooms every day. We need to make sure our children are ready to enter a global economy. No longer will your son or daughter only have to compete with the child across the street, they will have to compete with children across the globe. It is our responsibility to prepare them for those challenges

Today, only 59% of every dollar we send to our schools actually makes it to the classroom. By increasing that number to 65% we can reduce class sizes without raising taxes or cutting other vital state services.


Our area has made progress when it comes to reducing traffic congestion. Those of us that drive Highway 26 every day know the answer is simple, we must add lanes to our highways. We must keep Oregon moving.

The solutions to these and other problems facing our state are simple; it just takes a fresh perspective. I want to provide that fresh perspective and I would be honored to be your next state representative.

(This information furnished by Friends of Dr. Piotr Kuklinski.)