State Representative
Matt Lindland photo


Occupation: Matt Lindland is a professional Mixed Martial Arts contestant, trainer and manager and owns Team Quest Gym

Occupational Background: Small business owner/manager

Educational Background: Graduated Gladstone High and earned an associates degree from Clackamas Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Matt (age 37) and his wife Angie live in Eagle Creek where they are raising their two teenagers. Besides training and managing top athletes, Matt is a partner in Sportfight, which brings Ultimate Fighting Championship events to the Rose Garden and hosts a Sportfight cable television program.

Matt Lindland is a world class competitive athlete. In 2000, Matt won the Olympic Silver Medal in Greco/Roman wrestling. In 1999 and 2000, he won Gold Medals in the Pan American Games. Today, Matt is one of the top-ranked, professional Mixed Martial Arts contestants in the world.

Matt's conservative values are consistent with those of the common sense, hardworking people of District 52. He is a strong supporter of private property rights and reasonable limits on taxation and government spending. Matt wants to bring more accountability to public education. Matt is pro-life and supports traditional family values, and more individual responsibility.

Matt believes the Oregon legislature is in trouble. No matter how much revenue the state takes in, it is never enough. The tax and spender Democrats, who have targeted District 52 for takeover, need only a few House seats to be able to raise taxes at will. Meanwhile, Republican bills that would require efficiency audits of wasteful state bureaucracies never even get a vote. Matt is running for the state legislature to change the way business is done in Salem.

Often, politicians go to Salem with good intentions, but are not strong enough to maintain their values when the lobbyists come calling. Not Matt Lindland. Matt is a disciplined man of strong convictions. The voters of District 52 would be hard pressed to find someone better suited to stand up for them in Salem.

(This information furnished by Matt Lindland.)