Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Real Estate Investor

Occupational Background: Federal Express

Educational Background: life

Prior Governmental Experience: none

While watching the republican debates, one of the candidates suggested we follow the constitution and the others all laughed, that was the moment, I decided We the people had to take our country back! Our President, Senators, Congressman are sworn to uphold and defend our constitution from all threats foreign and domestic!

Spying on citizens, curtailing our civil rights, leaving our borders open! Giving illegal aliens benefits paid for by us taxpayers! It is time we the people stood up to the special interests that own our legislatures and the only way to do that is vote them all out of office! Fire them all, re-elect nobody! We are being sold out, and we are allowing them to mortgage our children's and grandchildren's futures. We are spending trillions of dollars policing the world, not to mention the blood of our sons and daughters. This is unacceptable, we have troops in more countries than I knew there were countries! We pay to police the world while our Social Security system is being bankrupted and our senior citizens, our disabled citizens and our veterans are being neglected. Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies have worked with government to control health care, it should be affordable and of high quality, and it would be, if they were removed from it. Just like televisions and cell phones! Look at LASIK eye surgery, a few years back it cost $10,000 and the quality was pretty good. Insurance companies will not pay for it nor will the government so now it's under $1000 and the quality has increased dramatically!

We need to stop the destruction of our constitutional rights, stop policing the world, and take care of our citizens. Stop the federal governments expanding power over the states. We have got to protect and defend our constitution against the threat from our government! Join me!

(This information furnished by Delia Lopez.)