State Senator
Maren Lundgren photo


Occupation: Deputy Public Defender.

Occupational Background: Management, Student, Mother of four.

Educational Background: J.D., Gonzaga University School of Law; B.A., Portland State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Committed to Improving the Lives of Oregon's Children

Education: As a mother of four and as a public defense attorney working with youth involved in the juvenile justice system, the education of Oregon's children is my top priority.

In my work with delinquent youth, I have seen first hand how under-funding our schools affects children and I am convinced that sufficient school funding is imperative to improving our children's lives and the future of Oregon. By fully funding public education, we can ensure that children who need extra help receive it; we can identify students who go unnoticed now because of overcrowded classrooms, and address the issues that give rise to boredom, frustration, acting out, and delinquency.

I will work to fund schools so the hard working teachers and administrators can do their jobs and provide an excellent public education to all Oregon's children.

Juvenile Justice: Once youth become involved in the juvenile justice system, they must receive appropriate services to help them be successful in the community.

So often when a youth is in need of specific services, program wait lists are impossibly long, or the under funding of programs has left them understaffed and unable to accept additional youth. This results in youth not getting the services they need to safely and successfully return to our communities. Whether mental health counseling, behavioral therapy, or intensive treatment, we must provide youth the support they need with recognition of their individual needs.

I will work to ensure that the needs of youth are met through the juvenile justice system and increase their success and the safety of our communities.

(This information furnished by Maren Lundgren.)