Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner

Educational Background: University of Virginia, College and Law Degrees

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, State Senator, Assistant Attorney General, Administrative Law Judge

Kevin Mannix…Experienced, Independent and Trusted

"When I served in the Legislature, Kevin was there as well - in the other chamber and on the other side of the aisle - yet I found in him an energetic, creative, principled, results-oriented lawmaker with few equals. He would bring those skills to Capitol Hill and would be a remarkable congressman." U.S. Senator Gordon Smith, The Oregonian, 2/17/08

"My experience as a small business owner, former legislator, and attorney, has prepared me to work hard as your congressman. Congress needs to change and I want to be part of that." Kevin Mannix

"We are lucky to have a leader with Kevin's experience and conservative approach to government willing to serve in Congress. He has my total support." Gene Derfler, Former State Senator

"I will fight for small businesses to help create jobs and increase health care access and affordability while keeping taxes down." Kevin Mannix

Kevin signed the Americans for Tax Reform "Taxpayer Protection Pledge."

"But he's a straight-shooter and listens to contrary views. If he disagrees with you, he'll say it to your face instead of going behind your back. I respect that straight talk. Former Rep. Denny Smith exemplified that trait as well." Dick Hughes, Salem Statesman Journal, 2/14/08

"Kevin will represent Clackamas County well." Jim Zupancic, Clackamas County businessman.

"Kevin is tried and proven - he is by far the best candidate to represent Congressional District 5." Gayle Atteberry, Oregon Right to Life PAC

"He will fight for agriculture and farmers." Kathy LeCompte, Brooks Tree Farm.

"No one's worked harder or more effectively to make us safer." Steve Doell, President Crime Victims United

Kevin is Endorsed by Oregon Right to Life PAC, Oregon Family Council PAC and Crime Victims United.

Kevin Mannix. Experienced. Independent and Trusted.

(This information furnished by Mannix for Congress, Inc.)