Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Public Policy Consultant

Occupational Background: President, Marks Network; Chief of Staff, Senior Policy Advisor to Governor John Kitzhaber, Policy Advisor to Senate President

Educational Background: Master and Bachelor Degrees, Public Policy Planning and Management, University of Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: 1985-1993 Senior Legislative Advisor, Senate President Kitzhaber; 1995-2003 Senior Advisor, Chief of Staff, Governor Kitzhaber

The Change We Need

Steve Marks is about change. He is a maverick and a transparent voice, unafraid to work on tough policy while rejecting the worn politics of inaction and indecision.

Steve Marks is a strong advocate for protecting Oregon's traditional way of life and vibrant coastal communities. He will work to strengthen our economy while sustaining Oregon's environment.

Steve Marks has a history of working on education, health care and public safety, all to improve Oregon's economic vitality and environmental stability. He is committed to continue this work as our Congressman.

Steve Marks is dedicated to ending the war in Iraq, obtaining health care for all Americans, meeting the needs of seniors and building our workforce.

The Change We Want

"Steve Marks is a person with courage and passion. He draws people together to effectively solve problems. I relied on Steve to help Oregon find the common ground on many issues. I am confident Steve will bring the same courage and profound passion to work for the 5th Congressional District."

John Kitzhaber
Oregon Governor
(1995 - 2003)

The Change Steve Marks

"To affect change, we must change business as usual in Washington, D.C. We must ensure a healthy economy, and help enhance our environment for us and future generations. I have a history of service and a record of results. I am asking for your vote.

Steve Marks
Candidate for U.S. Representative
5th Congressional District

(This information furnished by Steve Marks for Congress.)