State Representative
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Occupation: Firefighter.

Occupational Background: US Army Military Police Paratrooper; Police Officer, City of Gresham; Special Emergency Response Team member; Motorcycle Traffic Officer; and Drug Abuse Resistance Program Educator; Firefighter, City of Gresham, serving as a Arson Investigator, Fire Inspector, Public Information Officer, and Firefighter; and Small Business Owner.

Educational Background: Attended Mount Hood Community College and Portland Community College.

Prior Governmental Experience: None.

Keeping East County a great place to live

As a husband, father of three girls, local business owner, and local firefighter, I am deeply concerned about the declining standard of living in the community where I was raised. While it's impossible to turn back time, we can keep this a great place to live. There are many challenges facing our community and you deserve representation on the issues that matter most.

Keep our neighborhoods safe

As a veteran of our armed forces, police officer, and firefighter, Greg has dedicated well over half of his life to protecting his country and his community. As our next State Representative, Greg would fight to make sure the politicians pay attention to East County's public safety needs.

Make health care more affordable

As a father of three, Greg has seen how important affordable health insurance is. Greg wants greater scrutiny of out-ofcontrol rate hikes and assurances that our health insurance premiums aren't being wasted on overhead instead of medical care.

Reduce government waste

As a first responder, Greg knows how important it is that taxpayer dollars go where they're supposed to, not to unnecessary bureaucracy. Greg supports aggressive audits of state agencies and increased citizen oversight to reduce government waste.

"While serving and protecting our community, I've done my best to embody the trust and integrity given to me by the citizens of Gresham, and as your state legislator I will bring these same core values to Salem."

Greg Matthews

Endorsed by the Oregon Education Association

(This information furnished by Greg Matthews.)