State Representative
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Occupation: Certified Financial Planner (CFP) - Business Owner

Occupational Background: Bank of America, Vice President; US National Bank, Vice President

Educational Background: Harvard University, Finance & Economics; California Coast University - Bachelor of Science in Business (BSBA); California Coast University - Masters of Business (MBA)

Prior Governmental Experience: US Marine Corps - 3 years; Precinct Committee Person - 3 years.

Russell McAlmond and his wife, Jacqueline, have lived in Oregon for over thirty years and have raised their family in the city of Beaverton. All of their children, and Russell himself, are graduates of Beaverton High School. We know our community from having lived here, not from joining committees to build political resumes.

Russell is running for this office to give people in district 27 a choice between keeping an existing politician in office and voting for a REAL change.

REAL change is not being endorsed by the same public teachers' association which is causing our schools and kids to fail in global competition.

REAL change is giving all the support we can to our brave Oregon men and women in uniform no matter what your position on the war is.

REAL change is creating a balance between environmental concerns and human needs.

REAL change is spending our tax dollars wisely instead of always asking for more money.

REAL change is enforcing our laws equally among all people.

REAL change is recognizing that the quality of our lives is in our hands, not some politicians to give us.

REAL change is making Oregon better than it is today!

To vote for REAL change - vote for Russell McAlmond for Oregon State Representative.

(This information furnished by Friends of Russell McAlmond for State Representative.)