Judge of the Circuit Court
Doug McGeary photo


Occupation: Attorney at law

Occupational Background: Attorney since 1988; County Counsel and Senior & Assistant County Counsel, 1998-2007; Senior and Deputy District Attorney, 1988-1998; Legal clerk, swimming instructor, farm laborer.

Educational Background: Phoenix, Oregon Public Schools; Portland State University; Doctor of Jurisprudence at Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College.

Prior Governmental Experience: Elected - Jacksonville Highway Water District, Board of Directors, Budget Chairman.

Family: wife Debbie, son Malcolm, daughter Emilie.

We need qualified and experienced candidates for Jackson County Circuit Court Judge who understand and are committed to facing the challenges of this growing community, and whose decisions will be informed, fair and balanced.

Doug, a Rogue Valley native, has earned an excellent reputation as a prosecutor, as the county's attorney, and he continues as a private practice attorney. In addition, he offers a lifetime of family and community involvement in Southern Oregon.

Doug's broad background in both criminal and civil areas of law, together with his community involvement, provide ideal credentials for judicial office. His reputation and personal qualities of integrity and passion for his profession exemplify what we should expect in a judge.

Endorsed by fellow attorneys
Hon. Loren Sawyer, Senior Judge, "I have known Doug professionally and socially for many years. His professionalism, intellect and temperament qualify him to be an outstanding judge."*

Hon. Mitchell Karaman, Senior Judge, "Mr. McGeary has the temperament, legal experience, and respect of his peers. He is well qualified for the office of Circuit Court Judge."*

Allen Drescher, retired Ashland Municipal Judge
John Blackhurst, former president of county bar association
Daniel Thorndike

Endorsed by community
Dennis C.W. Smith, county commissioner
Dave Gilmour, county commissioner
Sue Kupillas, former county commissioner

O. R. (Ray) Shipley, retired Medford Police Chief

Rita Sullivan, PhD, Director, OnTrack, "Doug is a family man withintegrity. His broad and in-depth public service brings needed insight into cases affecting members of our community."*

*www.doug4judge.com, 3/3/08

(This information furnished by Citizens to Elect Doug McGeary Judge.)