State Representative
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G. Nick


Occupation: Environmental consultant, self-employed

Occupational Background: Registered Environmental Health Specialist with DEQ, retired; Soros Foundation public health volunteer in Albania; Sunsweet prune farmer; teacher; University Research Associate

Educational Background: B.S., Soil Science, University of California, Berkeley; Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management, University of California, Davis

Prior Governmental Experience: Oakland City Councilor; City Planning Commissioner; City Parks Commission Chair; Precinct committee person

G. Nick McKibbin: progressive outlook, conservative approach. I will make the following issues a priority:

Government Accountability
I will hold myself and my fellow legislators to the highest standard of ethics, without the influence of special interest groups.

Health Care
I will work to bolster and ensure prenatal care and lifetime affordable health care for all Oregonians.

An investment in our children is an investment in our state's resources and a disinvestment in our prisons. I will work to promote early childhood education, well-funded, quality secondary schools, and affordable college for all Oregonians.

Cuts to the federal timber safety net could drastically threaten the economy of our district. I will work with my fellow legislators to attract new industry to our region, and to encourage the development of alternative energy sources.

I will work on questions of sustainability. We are fortunate in Oregon to have an environment worth protecting. I will work with all parties to find a balance between our resources and our economic needs.

War in Iraq
I will work to get Oregon troops home safely, with follow-up support and respect.

We will need a significant investment in the rebuilding of our infrastructure, including transportation (alternative forms) and water (supply and quality), without causing detriment to the environment.

(This information furnished by G. Nick McKibbin.)