Secretary of State
Rick Metsger photo


Occupation: State Senator

Occupational Background: Journalist, KOIN-TV; Teacher; Public Relations Educational Background: Lewis & Clark College, B.S., M.A.T.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator

Rick Metsger: The Change Oregon Democrats Have Been Waiting For

For years we have trusted Rick Metsger to give it to us straight as an award winning KOIN-TV journalist and now as State Senator.

"The common thread in all his legislative work is Metsger's desire to protect the interests of ordinary people: consumers, ratepayers, low-income borrowers and injured workers."

The Oregonian
October 18, 2006

Quality Schools
Rick's leadership delivered $260 million additional dollars for K-12 class size reduction and vocational programs. As steward of the Common School Fund, Rick will fight to reverse the destructive Bush-Cheney policy that has drained hundreds of millions of dollars from our rural schools.

Protecting Every Voice
Oregonians want a real change in leadership. Rick's the only candidate to vote against the bill (HB2614) that severely limits the ability of non-affiliated candidates to run for most major offices including Secretary of State. Rick has successfully brought urban and rural communities together and given Oregonians a refreshing, effective voice.

Creating a Sustainable Economy
Rick created thousands of new jobs by co-authoring the largest investment in our transportation infrastructure since the 1950's.

As SOS, Rick will use the audits division to hold state government accountable for meeting environmental benchmarks.

Fighting For Us
Rick co-authored and passed the bill that stopped utility companies from collecting taxes from ratepayers that they put into their pockets instead of public services.

While working families struggle with $4 gasoline and rising healthcare costs, many corporations pay only $10 a year in income tax. As head of the Secretary of State's Corporation Division, Rick will champion relief for ordinary taxpayers and make large corporations pay their fair share.

Dear Fellow Oregonians,
I ask for your trust and support. Together we can help Oregon lead our nation in a bold new direction.

(This information furnished by Friends of Rick Metsger.)