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Occupation: Retired Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Owner, Party Pros, Hillsboro; Foster Rentals, Portland; Supervisor, Armour Foods, Portland; Supervisor, Albers Mills, Portland.

Educational Background: Bachelors', California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Animal Science (1971).

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Military: U.S. Army First Infantry Division, Reserve Captain.

Community Service: Oregon Rental Association, Vice President. Boy Scouts of America, Cub Master. Home Owners' Association, President.

Personal: Married to Nancy 35 years; two adult children; one grandchild.

Common Sense and Community

Common Sense Solutions
"Oregon faces many challenges. Solutions are not achieved and implemented through ideological and partisan battles. We can move Oregon forward through innovative approaches."

Andy Meyer

"We'll meet our challenges best when we work together, science, business, labor and citizen at the table."

Andy Meyer

Committed to Community

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