Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Activist

Occupational Background: Senior Social Worker, Conservator of Persons and/or their Estates.

Educational Background: San Diego State University, BA

Prior Governmental Experience: Activist

Family: Single Parent of Steven, Michelle and Alisa

Even as we now confront the reality that we were lied into the ruinous and indefensible occupation of Iraq, we face an even greater peril here at home. With his increasing abuse of socalled "signing statements", at the instigation of Dick Cheney, George Bush has declared himself to be literally above any law, the very would be king our founders created impeachment to remedy.

And with the sudden resignation, as this is written, of Admiral Fallon, possibly the sanest strategic military mind in the Middle East, who said an attack on Iran "will not happen on my watch", perhaps only impeachment can stop them from deliberately setting off the mother of all powder kegs in the Persian Gulf, in defiance of the will of we the people and its Congress assembled.

We call on Darlene Hooley to listen to her heart and you, her constituents, and immediately sign on to the pending call for Cheney Impeachment, and hearings as to both him and Bush. And your support for my candidacy can demonstrate to her, in the most powerful way, that this is what the people want and need now, to save us.

Yes, we need single payer national health care for all our citizens.

Yes, we need to reverse the destruction of our job, industrial and agricultural base by foolish trade agreements.

Yes, we need action on so many issues. Come to my web site, I have action pages on many already. And I want to hear about what else you want me to do for you.

But first, we must ensure that our Constitution will even survive until the next general election. And only impeachment can do that, if you join me in speaking out now.

(This information furnished by Nancy Moran.)