United States Senator
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Occupation: Consultant

Occupational Background: Attorney

Educational Background: University of Oregon; Harvard Law School

Prior Governmental Experience: Environmental Attorney, U.S. Justice Department; Caucus Director, Oregon Senate Democrats

"Steve Novick has the courage to stand up for what is right, tell the truth, and has experience and ideas that can change the future."

Congressman Les AuCoin

Steve Novick for U.S. Senate

The Change We Need
The Leadership We Want

Steve Novick is a principled progressive, with the right kind of experience. He defeated Bill Sizemore. He recovered $129 million from big polluters in the famous Love Canal case. And he has the courage to make the tough choices to protect what's most important.

Quality, Affordable, Universal Healthcare

Only Steve's plan includes coverage for all, and strong steps to controls costs.

"I am convinced that Steve Novick is the candidate Oregonians can count on to take bold action on health care."

Governor John Kitzhaber

Standing Up for Middle Class Families

Steve's plans will create jobs, help the middle class with the cost of everyday life, end tax breaks for the wealthy and stop trade policies that ship good jobs overseas.

Steve believes in fiscal fairness and responsibility, including saving Social Security by insisting the wealthy pay Social Security taxes on all their income, not just the first $100,000. He also believes that those who work for a living shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than those whose income comes from speculation.

Endorsed By Educators of the
Oregon Education Association

"Steve Novick stood up for Oregon's children by stopping the outrageous giveaways of our schools' lottery dollars to special interests."

Jada Pearson, Beaverton Kindergarten Teacher

Against the Iraq War from the Beginning

Steve Novick opposed the Iraq War from the start, without falling for Republican tricks. He will fight to bring our troops home safely, honorably and soon.

Steve Novick for Senate
Principled. Progressive. Fighting for us.

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