City Office
Andrea Ortiz photo


Occupation: Patient Access Specialist, Sacred Heart Hospital University District

Occupational Background: Emergency Department Clerk, Former housekeeper, Mailroom Clerk, Farm Laborer

Educational Background: Pre-Nursing

Prior Governmental Experience: Bethel School District Board of Directors; City of Eugene Budget Committee; Former City of Eugene Human Rights Commissioner; Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force On Homelessness; Human Services Commission

Ward 7 Voters:

I want to Thank you for your support in 2004. It has been a honor and pleasure to serve you and the City Of Eugene. I would like to ask you for your support once again as I seek re-election I believe I have work to finish as new issues emerge.

As a Eugene City Councilor and an Emergency Department Clerk, I have found these two roles are not that different. The word triage works well from either chair. Critical decisions are made daily.

In the past four years, I have worked hard to address the issues that I raised during my campaign. I believe I have been responsive to community concerns and requests. We are making progress on issues that will positively impact our community and livability for years to come.

As a working Councilor, I believe I have brought the voice of reason to the Eugene City Council. I believe I speak for those whose voices are not heard. I pledged to continue to work on the issues that are important to all of us.

I will continue to work on:

Community Livability and Safety
Environmentally Sound Practices
Transparent and Accessible Government Services
Issues regarding the Railyards in Eugene.
Community Health

Endorsed by

Mayor Kitty Piercy
Gary Young MD
City Councilor Bonny Bettman
Alan Zelenka Eugene City Councilor, Ward 3
Munir Katul
Eugene Firefighters IAFF- Local 851
Carmen X. Urbina
Francisca Leyva-Johnson
Citizen's for Public Accountability
Oregon Natural Resources Council ACTION PAC
Rob Handy

(This information furnished by Re-Elect Andrea Ortiz.)