Judge of the Circuit Court
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Occupation: Attorney for 34 years

Occupational Background: Private practice attorney, including criminal defense; city attorney; city manager; county counsel; and District Attorney for Wallowa County

Educational Background: Cornell University, BA, Government; University of Oregon Law School, JD

Prior Governmental Experience: City Attorney and City Manager for Toledo, Oregon; District Attorney for Wallowa County for 12 years

Professional         Reasoned         Respected

Reasons for running for Circuit Court Judge:

I can do a better job of administering justice in a careful and informed manner for the benefit of the citizens of Union and Wallowa Counties. I bring a broad experience in the law and a concerned and professional approach to the Judge's position and duties.

Experience in the legal profession:

My background includes criminal prosecution and defense, local government law and administration, elder law, and general practice in family law, real estate, contracts, corporations, and wills and estates, all of which I can draw on as Judge to make sound, reasoned decisions in all kinds of cases.

A professional approach to the Judge's duties:

In all of these areas, I can make a real difference and a significant improvement in the current operation of the Court.

Elect Dan Ousley, Circuit Court Judge for Union and Wallowa Counties!

(This information furnished by Daniel Ousley.)