State Representative
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Occupation: Developer, Kids Footwear, Nike Inc.

Occupational Background: U.S. Treasury Department; Willamette University.

Educational Background: BA, Willamette University; MBA with Certificate in Environmental Management, University of Washington.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2007- present; House Judiciary, Energy & Environment, and Transportation Committees; Vice Chair of House Revenue Committee; Oregon Innovation Council; Aide to U.S. Treasury Secretary; Legislative Assistant, State Representative Bryan Johnston.

Volunteer Experience: Oregon Business Association, Environment and Economic Development Committee; Start Making a Reader Today; Youth Basketball Coach.

Leadership for the Long Run

In my first term as your State Representative, the Legislature returned to thinking - and acting - with Oregon's future in mind. We got back to the forward thinking that brought us the Bottle Bill and public beaches, even updating the Bottle Bill to meet future needs. Reinvestments in our schools, our transportation system, and our environment will build our community for the long run. They are first steps towards choosing progress and innovation over partisanship and inaction.

Here are my priorities for the future.

World-class education: Strengthen the newly created Rainy Day Fund to help school districts to plan for the future, and provide the resources schools need to meet high academic standards. Ensure that every Oregon student has the opportunity to pursue college or career training.

Affordable health coverage: Follow the 2009 legislative recommendation of the Healthy Oregon Act and their blueprint for comprehensive access to health insurance that will contain costs and promote quality.

Environmental Leadership: Bolster Oregon's environmental reputation by building on the Renewable Energy Standard and biofuels initiatives. Pursue innovative solutions to climate change and embrace economic opportunities available through new markets.

We Support Tobias: State Senator Mark Hass; Chuck Wilson, Beaverton Sub Station; Christine Vernier, CFO Vernier Software & Technology; Scott Burgess, President/CEO, Rivermark Community Credit Union; Eric Kingstad, Kingstad Center; Henry Annen, Firefighter/Paramedic, Beaverton.

(This information furnished by Friends of Tobias Read.)