State Representative
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Occupation: State Representative.

Occupational Background: Business Consultant.

Educational Background: University of Illinois; Southern Illinois University; Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: U.S. Air Force and two terms as State Representative. Community Involvement: Member of Hillsboro, Cornelius, and Forest Grove Chambers of Commerce, Hillsboro Elks, Hillsboro Lions, Aloha-Hillsboro Daybreak Rotary, and Hillsboro American Legion.

Dear Friends,

I'm proud to have represented you in the Oregon Legislature during the last two terms. I've done my best to honor your trust in me by concentrating on the issues which are most important to you:

Public Safety: After 15 years of cuts, helped restore 24/7 coverage by the State Police. Currently, working to establish statewide radio coverage so communications will not be cut as they were in the recent floods.

Plain Talk: Introduced House Bill 2702 (called The Plain Talk Oregon Plan) in 2007 to make it easier to understand state government communications.

Lowering Health Care Costs: Worked to reduce prescription drug costs by using the state's bulk purchasing power and to lower the cost of hospital stays.

Saving Before We Spend: Helped to establish and fund the Oregon Rainy Day Savings Account for economic downturns.

Protecting our environment while growing our economy: Created a free, statewide electronics recycling program to lessen the impact of landfills. Worked to make Oregon a leader in research and development of wave, wind, and solar energy, thereby creating more jobs for Oregonians.

Education: Encouraged world-class education in Oregon by funding a strong Head Start program and re-investing in K-12 education.

I feel good about our accomplishments over the last two terms, but there's still much work to be done. I'm committed to finding solutions to the challenges facing our community and our state. Please see my website at


Chuck Riley

Pete Truax, Forest Grove City Councilor
Tom "TJ" Johnston, Forest Grove City Councilor
Rebecca Lantz, Hillsboro School Board Chair
SEIU Local 503, OPEU
Oregon AFSCME Council 75

(This information furnished by Chuck Riley for State Representative.)