State Representative
Rockne Roll photo


Occupation: Journalist, Student

Occupational Background: Student

Educational Background: Oregon State University, Junior, Political Science; Newport High School, 2005.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Oregon is a beautiful place. I've lived here since I was very young and there's nowhere I'd rather live. But Oregon's government is on the wrong track. It's time for a change so that Oregon's government reflects the values that its citizens embrace. That's why I'm asking to you to vote for me as your next State Representative.

Public Safety
Oregonians have a right to be safe and secure. But important public safety funding has been neglected by the Legislature in favor of other programs. I think it's important to fund public safety early in the legislative session, and to fund public safety fully. The days of government holding our security and wellbeing over our heads at the cost of unneeded tax increases need to come to an end.

In an age of technology that is growing more advanced by the day, Oregon's next generation of leaders needs the tools to succeed in a world that presents more challenges than ever. Education must be a priority in state government. Its time to revamp the way we fund education so that as many of our tax dollars as possible go to classrooms and university laboratories to build and spread knowledge.

State government is always pushing for more taxes, even in years of higher than anticipated revenue. Throwing money at problems does not make them go away. State government must learn to work with the amount of money made available to it, and Oregon tax policy must be fair to every one of our citizens.

People always talk about planning for the future. The future is starting today, and I'm ready to lead today. If you're ready for leadership that's tired of tackling today's problems with yesterday's ideas, take a stand! Vote Rockne Roll for State Representative.

(This information furnished by Friends of Rockne Roll.)