County Office
Marlyn A. Schafer photo
Marlyn A.


Occupation: County Commissioner

Occupational Background: Business owner; Curry County Treasurer's and Elections Offices; Bookkeeper for two corporations

Educational Background: High School graduate; post high school studies in math science, and nursing

Prior Governmental Experience: Gold Beach Planning Commission; Gold Beach City Council; Gold Beach Mayor; League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors; Oregon Mayors Board; Association of Oregon Counties Board of Directors; County Commissioner; O & C Board of Directors; CCD Business Development Corporation

Accomplishments as a Commissioner:

1. Completely reorganized the county for better efficiency and cost savings:

a. Restructured services so non-mandated departments operate on fees, state funds, and grants and receive no property tax money.
b. Increased the county's cash reserves by four million dollars. County no longer needs to borrow from the Road Department to pay bills and payroll.
c. Initiated reserve funds for PERS unfunded liabilities and legally required reimbursement of state unemployment payments.
d. Established a pay- per-use vehicle replacement fund and eliminated costly auto leases.
e. Instituted an Administrative Services Fund so that all departments share relative costs for necessary support services.
f. Scheduled and budgeted for building maintenance which had been deferred for years. Windows were replaced in main courthouse, moldy carpeting and walls were replaced, asbestos abatement was performed, and all county buildings now are ADA compliant.
g. Created an Economic Development Department that is completely funded by lottery dollars. This department works with local businesses, cities, and ports to help grow, promote, and revitalize existing businesses and to attract new businesses to our county.


Considering the increases in employee payroll costs, fuel, water, electricity, and general supplies, we have done everything possible to prepare for the potential loss of "safety net" dollars without shutting the county down. We are local government, constrained by local, state, and federal law-not, as some might have you believe, a business that can add new products or increase prices. When you vote, remember "experience matters".

(This information furnished by Marlyn A. Schafer.)