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Occupation: Retired police officer, 19 years of dedicated service.

Occupational Background: Police Officer, San Bernardino Police Department 1994-2003; Deputy Sheriff, Kern County Sheriff's Department 1990-1994; Military Police Officer & K-9 Handler, US Army 1984-1990.

Educational Background: Crafton Hills College; Auto Theft Investigations - California Highway Patrol; DUI Investigations- Orange County Sheriff; Primary Leadership Development Course - Ft. Ord CA.

Prior Governmental Experience: San Bernardino Police Department, Kern County Sheriff's Department, US Army.

Professional Accomplishments: Honored, five times, by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for DUI Enforcement. Honored, five times, by the California Highway Patrol & AAA for Auto Theft Recoveries.

I have been a resident of South Lane County since 2004.

During my career I have worked assignments in Patrol (urban & rural), Detentions, Court Services, and as a Field Training Officer.

My goal as Sheriff is to improve the service the Sheriff's Department delivers to ALL residents of Lane County. Those residents who have chosen to live in rural areas are often receiving little or no service. We need to find new ways to get the job done, without new taxes (like the recent county income tax), which the voters have repeatedly and loudly said no to, and which I do not support.

We also need to be able to keep offenders in jail once they have been arrested or sentenced by the courts. Empty jail beds do not serve public safety needs. One plan to help accomplish this is, through attrition, replace Deputies working in the jails with lower cost Custody Officers, and then move the Deputies back out to patrol and investigations. This would ultimately increase staffing in patrol and in the jails while working to maintain costs.

It's time to think outside the box. Business as usual is no longer working.

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(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Daniel Schmitz Lane County Sheriff.)