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Peter Michael (Mike)


Occupation: Security Program Manager, Oregon Military Dept.; Master Sergeant, Security Forces, Oregon Air National Guard; Officer Malin Police Department

Occupational Background: 18+ years of Military; Security Program Manager, Kingsley Field-2004 to Present, Oregon Air National Guard-1997 to Present; Malin Police Department 2007 to Present; Klamath County Sheriff's Office 1990 to 2004; Campus Public Safety Officer Oregon Tech-1988 to 1993; U.S. Forest Service 1987 to 1992; Chairman Local United Way Committee; Co-Chairman Klamath Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Educational Background: Oregon Marine Officers Course; Oregon Basic Police Course; OSP Firearms Instructor Course, DEA Basic Narcotics Course; Lab Site Safety Officers Course, Basic & Intermediate SWAT Course; Basic Sniper Course; High Risk Clandestine Lab Entry Tactics Course; U.S. Air Force Armorer Course; Non-Commissioned Officer Academy; Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice, Colorado Technical University; Masters Degree in Business Administration, Colorado Technical University.

Prior Governmental Experience: See Occupational Background

I will provide better coverage to the outlying areas by assigning another deputy to the North County area, the Chiloquin area and the Eastside of Bly Mountain. This will ensure active patrol in each of these areas and reduce the need for high speed responses from the local area.

The Narcotics Task Force in Klamath County has dwindled from 8 officers to 3. I will actively pursue rebuilding the narcotics task force to a level that can once again have an effective impact on narcotics trafficking and usage in Klamath County. Re-instate Drug Education (D.A.R.E. Program)

The Klamath County Sheriff's Office needs new experienced leadership. With my extensive military background I have been training and leading personnel for over 18 years. My training and leadership style will halt the mass exodus from the Klamath County Sheriff's Office.

I have lived in the Klamath Basin my entire life and genuinely concerned for its citizens and the employees of the Sheriff's Office.

I am committed to Klamath County and will be there, working for you,

"A Stay at Home Sheriff"

(This information furnished by Peter Michael "Mike" Shepherd.)