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Tim K.


Occupation: Tim's a geologist and rancher.

Occupational Background: 38 years as a professional geologist; including 15 years as a rancher.

Educational Background: His educational background is a B.Sc. in geology from the University of Oregon.

Prior Governmental Experience: His experience is as an ongoing member of The Harney District Hospital Board.

Tim's chairmanship of the Harney County Republicans and as Vice Chair for the Oregon Republican Party in the 2nd Congressional District add political savvy to his advocacy for water users, mining, timber, grazing, rural health care and economic development. These activities have given him a uniquely broad insight into the problems and solutions to issues that face Eastern Oregon. Tim Smith is proud and excited to carry on the heritage of outstanding legislators to represent District 60. Ron Saxton, recent candidate for Governor, said in his support of Tim; "Tim not only has worked tirelessly in Oregon politics, recruiting, supporting and lending his expertise to candidates and elected officials he also has a welldefined and thoughtful vision for the future of Eastern Oregon and all of Oregon". "Like me, Tim is passionate about the need to provide quality education to every child and knows that without it, economic development, strong communities and safe neighborhoods are not possible." State Representative of 26 years, Denny Jones, said; "I know Tim to be a man of his word and to have a deep concern for the people of Eastern Oregon and the future of all of Oregon". "His natural resource, agriculture, rural health care and small business background make him a natural fit for our district." Tim and his wife live in Harney County. They revived a cattle ranch using hard work and outside jobs to rebuild the ranch, build a home and be a productive part of Eastern Oregon. Along with other committees, Tim is Chairman of the State Groundwater Advisory Committee, Chairman of the Harney County Watershed Council and a 4th generation Oregonian.

(This information furnished by Tim K. Smith.)