County Office
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Occupation: Retired Sheriff's Sergeant

Occupational Background: 28 years in law enforcement; 14 years as Sheriff's Sergeant (Supervisor); 24 years Hostage Negotiator and Unit Supervisor; 15 years Search and Rescue Coordinator and Unit Supervisor

Educational Background: Bachelor's degree, California State University, Fullerton; Commission on Peace Officer Standards Basic, Intermediate Advanced and Supervisory Certificates

Prior Governmental Experience: Numerous community organizations

As a Sheriff's Sergeant, I had the opportunity to empower my officers to devise innovative approaches to crime suppression and investigation. The success of this approach has affirmed my belief that every employee is a vital resource for ideas, suggestions and input. Utilizing each employee's creative potential will transform our Sheriff's Office into a dynamic, cohesive team that will result in continuous improvements in the operation of the agency. All that's required is a leader who recognizes the potential that lies within our Sheriff's Office employees. With your help, I will be that leader. My management plan will ensure the most efficient, cost effective law enforcement service possible for the citizens of Klamath County.

My goal is to utilize every resource to its maximum potential. I will expand the use of volunteer resources. I will implement an ongoing customer satisfaction survey to ensure we are meeting the needs of our citizens. I will expand the canine and reserve officer programs to enhance officer safety. I will eliminate the Traffic Enforcement Unit and re-assign those officers to crime suppression duties. I will establish a "Crimestoppers" program funded by private donations and a High School telephone hotline for students to report gangs, drugs, weapons, and other threats. These and other low-cost or no-cost ideas will assure the taxpayers that they are getting the very best law enforcement possible for their tax dollar. As Sheriff I will be accountable to our citizens and will provide them the best service and protection possible. Elect Steve Stroot Sheriff of Klamath County.

(This information furnished by Steve Stroot.)