Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Land Management Consultant, Vice-President, Eastside Democratic Club.

Occupational Background: Cable TV Co-Host, Portland Parks Supervisor, Captain, Oregon Army National Guard.

Educational Background: Graduate of Portland Community College and Kubasaki American High School.

Prior Governmental Experience: Director, Multnomah Education Service District, Democratic Precinct Committee Person (Pillar of the Party).

John Sweeney was born in Oregon and lived most of his life in Portland.

As a U.S. Congressman, John Sweeney will pursue these reforms for you:
Social Security Retirement at age 60! The money is there and it would reduce the unemployment and crime rates. There is movement in Congress to raise the retirement age to 70, this must not happen.
Healthcare for All! We do this by expanding Medicare to cover all of our citizens. Universal healthcare is a matter national security. Secure Our Borders! We must halt illegal immigration and the first step is to secure our borders. Illegal Immigration has caused the resurgence of many diseases that were wiped out in the past. One of those is "Untreatable TB" a killer that must be stopped; the first victims are those with weakened immune systems. Repeal NAFTA! NAFTA is undermining the economies of the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico, which is forcing many more illegals into the U.S.A. and undermining the incomes of those who make less than $100,000 per year.
Fight Terrorism! We must stop terrorism wherever it is However, we must not surrender our civil liberties in the process. We must protect our civil liberties at all costs. The war in Spain with the Moors the longest war in history, lasted 800 years.

John Sweeney is a member of the following:
American Legion, American Jury Institute, Alliance for Retired Americans, Elks, Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Military Officer's Association of America, National Rifle Association, U.S. English, Volunteers in Underage Military Service.

Phone 503-548-7198, e-mail:

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(This information furnished by John Sweeney.)