State Representative
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Occupation: Law Librarian

Occupational Background: Professional Librarian, College Instructor, Natural Foods Store Owner

Educational Background: BS, Dana College; MLS, Brigham Young University

Prior Governmental Experience: Governor's Commission for Voluntary Action and Service

We need a change of direction.

When the power of decision-making lies at the hands of our State Representatives we need someone who isn't an obstructionist and doesn't play party politics.

"Our current representative is a decent man, but he has consistently backed the policies and the partisanship by the Republican House leadership that have devastated our schools and blocked virtually every positive proposal on health care for our families, businesses and communities."- Ben Talley

We need someone to side with Pendleton-not party bosses.

Ben Talley knows that the job of a legislator is to fight for our community. That does not mean blocking debate on fully funding our schools and ending "golden parachutes" for school administrators. It does not mean blocking debate on expanding low cost prescription drug programs.

"Independence means independent thinking and leadership. I want to put Oregon first and partisan politics a far second." -Ben Talley

We need security first.

Rather than corporate interests and an unhealthy dependency on federal subsidies controlling our food

Elect Ben Talley to Oregon House District 58
Email: Phone: 541-310-7909

(This information furnished by Committee To Elect Ben Talley.)