State Representative
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Occupation: Executive Director, Oregon State Pharmacy Association

Occupational Background: Plant science; Hollister Stier; Bayer Corporation

Educational Background: Taft High School; B.S., Biology, Western Oregon University (Oregon College of Education); graduate work, Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Monmouth City Council; Chair, Polk County Fire District #1

Jim Thompson
Real Solutions to Real Problems

Better Jobs through a Stronger Economy
Government does not create jobs. Government should support workers and employers by doing its part to keep them competitive in a changing world by providing a regulatory structure that rewards hard work and innovation.

Schools Focused on Students
Being married to a teacher for 40 years has taught me about the challenges facing our schools. More of our tax dollars need to find their way to local classrooms instead of being eaten up by administration and overhead. We should encourage investments in textbooks, technology, and teacher training and establish a better process to deliver results in the classroom.

Protecting Families from Meth
With the number of local meth labs down, we must turn our attention to breaking up large cartels selling the drug, expand drug courts, and to give judges the power to mandate treatment. Effective drug treatment also stems crime.

Addressing Our Health Care Crisis
We are putting a lot of money into health care, but are not getting enough health care in return. The more government tries to fix our health care system, the more costs rise. We need a streamlined approach to make basic health care more affordable for families struggling with costs or going without coverage.

Oregon Right to Life PAC
Brian J. Boquist, State Representative
Former Representative Jeff Kropf
Oregon State Senator Gary George
Tom Ritchey, Polk County Commissioner
Mike Propes, Polk County Commissioner
Eleanor Boese, Past President, Polk County Republican Women
Jason Williams, Taxpayer Association of Oregon
David Nelson, Executive Director, Oregon Seed Council and
Representative, Oregon Dairy Farmers Association

(This information furnished by Citizens for Jim Thompson.)