City Office
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Occupation: Coach (35 yrs), Public Office Holder (12 yrs), Businessman (40+ yrs, ret.)

Occupational Background: Youth Sports, Local Government, Multiple Businesses

Educational Background: University of Oregon, Waldport High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Eugene-Mayor (2 terms), City Council, District 4J School Board, Budget Committee, Public Safety Committee; Lane County-Public Safety Coordinating Council, Workforce Advisory Board; Oregon-Dept. of Transportation Road Advisory Committee, Juvenile Crime Prevention Advisory Committee, Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee; US Conference of Mayors; Olympic Advisory Committee

Can We Cooperate? Eugene's neighborhoods and interest groups have sincere hopes for the future, but are known for their conflicting viewpoints. I retired as Mayor in 2004 with a reputation for creating cooperation. Since then, the Mayor's office has become a divisive influence in our city. No group should be ignored in a dialogue about our future.

Can We Support Public Safety? One of our top priorities MUST be effective public safety for our neighborhoods and schools. Public safety officers deserve our city's support and encouragement-certainly not the treatment they have received over the last three years.

Can We Balance Jobs and Environment? Eugene is blessed with natural gifts-and burdened with Oregon's lowest economic growth rate. We can have moderate growth so that our community is livable in all ways. By helping local firms create family wage jobs, we can create an affordable place to live, work and raise families without destroying our natural blessings.

Can We Fix our Potholes? Our community deserves health roads. We must prioritize general fund spending to address our most important needs.

Can We?


"Jim Torrey has our strong support. He understands the importance of public safety for our citizens." Doug Harcleroad, Lane County District Attorney; Willy Edewaard, President, Eugene Police Employees' Association

Awards: Oregon Mayor of Year, Oregon Education Volunteer of Year, Distinguished Service to Oregon Award, First Citizen of Eugene Award, City of Eugene Volunteer Award, 35-year Kidsports Coaching Award

(This information furnished by Jim Torrey for Mayor.)