Representative in Congress
Greg Walden photo


Occupation: U.S. Congressman

Occupational Background: Small business owner

Educational Background: Graduate: University of Oregon; Hood River Valley High School

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; State Representative

"The middle class is getting hit hard by rising fuel, food and health costs. It's time for new policies. The old ways just don't get it done."

With 21 years of experience as a small business owner in rural Oregon, Greg Walden knows what it takes to create jobs.

"Better management of our forests would create more jobs, reduce wildfires and cut back on pollution. We should turn biomass into energy and take other major steps to make America more energy independent."

And Walden's working hard to make our communities safer from illegal drugs; he's getting local law enforcement officials the tools they need to combat criminals.

"Like most parents, my wife and I are deeply concerned about illegal drugs and the damage they inflict on families. I've aggressively pursued changes in the law to shut down meth labs and drug cartels. But more work remains."

Walden's a leader in Congress advocating for changes in the health care system to improve quality, increase access and reduce costs and errors. And that includes expanding services for our veterans.

"We owe a great debt to those who have worn our nation's uniform and safeguarded our freedom. It's essential that Congress takes better care of veterans and those who are serving today."

"The congressman has a huge challenge and responsibility . The vast district was built on a strong foundation of agriculture and natural resources. Today new opportunities abound in such areas as technology, energy and telecommunications. Walden has been up to the challenge to date, and probably keeps in better contact with his district than just about any congressman. He travels cross country most weekends, which helps him remember who butters his bread." The La Grande Observer, February 26, 2008

Congressman Greg Walden: Making a real difference for us.

(This information furnished by Walden for Congress.)