Representative in Congress
Joseph Walsh (Lone Vet) photo
Walsh (Lone Vet)


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Utility Supervisor; Chief Union Steward; Peace Activist; Volunteer at Fish, Experience Corps.

Educational Background: BA; Navy Schools; Leadership Training

Prior Governmental Experience: Citizen

Associations: Individuals for Justice, Veterans Against Torture,

As your representative in the House, I will listen to you and always carry your message. That's what the U.S. House is supposed to be, a place of working men and women who know you, and what you want and then DO something about it. That's exactly what we don't have now.

But most importantly, you don't have to wait until you elect me to Congress to have a real impact in making policy change happen now. Come to my web site and submit one of the many action pages there, on issues we must press today. In particular, by winning this primary, we can put impeachment right back on the table now, where it must always be.

Come to my Town Hall meetings, the debates, and tell me just what issues you want me to fight for you on. And then watch me do it, on my web site now, and on the floor of Congress as your personal representative.

Some may say I am a one-issue candidate; they would be correct--my one issue is Justice.

Justice for our wounded military and veterans, by giving them the best treatment available to make our heroes whole.
Justice for the farmers who cry out to stop the very Peru trade deal that Representative Blumenauer is always bragging about.
Justice for those here in our beautiful city who hunger and thirst.
Justice for students whose schools struggle to have enough money to operate, while billions are lost or stolen in Iraq.
Justice for fathers and mothers who worry about paying the rent this and next month.
Justice for workers who are hurt on the job.
Justice for a long overdue White House.
My issue is Justice!

(This information furnished by Joseph Walsh.)