State Senator
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Occupation: Partner, Shannon Associates, LLC (Affordable Housing)

Occupational Background: Oregon Attorney

Educational Background: LLB, University of Texas; BA University of Texas; Portland Community College, Spanish

Prior Governmental Experience: Peace Corps Volunteer, South America; Multnomah County Civil Service Commission, Chair; Multnomah County Committees on Land Use and Zoning for Edgefield Property; Director, Portland Bureau of Economic Development; Executive Assistant to Portland's Mayor; Executive Assistant to Portland Commissioner; Senate Committee Assistant, Oregon Legislature; Lieutenant, United States Navy

I love Oregon's beauty and environment and I want to make it better for my children and grandchildren. With the support and ideas of my fellow citizens, I can help accomplish those goals, but we have challenges.

Why is health insurance so much cheaper in Spokane and Boise?

Why do we look to the University of Washington as the standard for quality higher education?

Why do we have a State Mental Hospital that fails to meet minimum federal civil rights standards?

Why do we transfer unsuitable public school teachers to other schools with no record of their transgressions?"

Why don't we prohibit judges and legislators from participating in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), and place them in a 401(k) type retirement system, so that their decisions are not influenced by their own self-interest?

Why do we continue DEQ automobile testing for all automobiles when only a few older cars cause almost all of the air quality problems?

Why isn't more of the legislative debate on public education focused on results for the children?

Why doesn't the legislature make more of State government accountable by requiring performance audits of State agencies based on specific performance standards?

If you want a State Senator that will address these and other important questions, I ask for your vote. If you want a State Senator that will call a Special Session to avoid dealing with anything important, you have an incumbent.

(This information furnished by John Wight.)