State Representative
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Occupation: Small businessman

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner; Executive Director, Business Coalition; Television Reporter.

Educational Background: Aloha High School, Beaverton; University of Southern California, BA.

Prior Governmental Experience: Member, Clackamas County Economic Development Commission; Member, Portfolio Options Committee, Oregon Public Utility Commission; Former President, Landover Homeowners Association; Committee Administrator, House Government Efficiency Committee; Field Representative, Office of Congressman Doc Hastings.

MATT WINGARD stood up for us when Erik Sten and the City of Portland tried to take over PGE so they could control our power rates. Matt was a leader in the fight to stop them and we WON!!!

"MATT WINGARD is a principled conservative, a small business owner and a community leader. Matt stands up for individual liberty, personal responsibility, small government, property rights and the free market. That's why we are proud to stand up for MATT WINGARD."

State Senator Larry George
State Representative Jerry Krummel
State Representative Kim Thatcher
Hon. John Brenneman, Charbonneau
Louise Gatch, Charbonneau
Rev. Herb Morris, Charbonneau
Officer Clint Chrz, Sherwood
Bob and Ruth Davidson, Sherwood
Josh and Jen Fleming, Sherwood
Kristi Halvorson, Sherwood; Gregg Jacot, Sherwood
Frank Nims, Sherwood; Ivonne Pflaum, Sherwood
Bill Moshofsky, Beaverton
Bob Terry, Fisher Farms Nursery
Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC
Oregonians in Action PAC
Don McCoun, KUIK Radio
Hon. Al Young, Hillsboro
Manuel and Rosa Castaneda, Hillsboro
Joe and Terra Cheek, Bull Mountain
Hon. John Ludlow, Wilsonville
Joe Bernard & Shirley Benson, Wilsonville
Bill Bryant, Wilsonville; Tom and Lois Humphrey, Wilsonville
Debi Laue, Wilsonville; Loren Shrock, Wilsonville
Eric and Kris Winters, Wilsonville; John Charles, Tigard
Deborah Knapp, Gaston

Rob Kremer, President, Oregon Education Coalition
Jim Haynes, Past President, Sherwood Chamber of Commerce
Doris Wehler, President, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce



(This information furnished by Friends of Matt Wingard.)