State Representative
Brad Witt photo


Occupation: Political Coordinator, UFCW

Occupational Background: Union Representative

Educational Background: University of Oregon, M.A; University of Massachusetts, B.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, State Boards of Forestry, Watershed Enhancement, and Workforce Investment.


Mindful that the voters sent me to Salem to make their everyday lives better, I have fought for legislation that protects:

Health Care~

Oregonians are healthier because of insurance coverage for cancer screenings, the Prescription Drug Program, mental health parity, and school nutrition standards.

Senior Citizens~

Enhanced funding for Oregon Project Independence enables seniors to remain in their homes while saving taxpayers' dollars by avoiding the high costs of institutionalized care.

Public Safety~

Our families and communities are safer because of more state troopers, longer sentences for property and drug crimes and additional circuit court judges.


Regulations have been tightened on payday loans, mortgage foreclosure bailouts and dangerous products that threaten vulnerable Oregonians.

Quality Education~

Oregonians have invested in the future prosperity of our state and its students by investing more money in education.

Jobs and the Environment~

Environmental protections have created family-wage jobs, strengthened our economy, and saved both energy and taxes.

Taxpayer's Pocketbooks~

By expecting state government to live within its means, the 2008 Legislature produced a general fund balance of $36.5 million, in the face of a $178 million revenue decline.

Disaster Victims~

Following December's devastating storm, I held hearings that culminated in a legislative package that provides relief to individuals and communities adversely impacted by natural disasters.

Brad is proudly supported by:
AFSCME, AWPPW, Rita Bernhard, Bill Blank, Greg Booth, BRO, Chip Bubl, Diane Dillard, George Dunkel, John Eccles, Stanley Egaas, Robin Fouché, Ann Goldeen, Monte Gustafson, Dr. Greg Hamann, Evelyn Hudson, Josette Hugo, Jan Kenna, Arline and Clifford LaMear, Joshua Marquis, Emil Nyberg, OLCV, Ted Olson, OSEA, SEIU, Ed Serra, Donna Tewksbury, UFCW, USW-LE Committee, Cheryl Young

(This information furnished by Brad Witt for State Representative.)