Dear Oregonian ­

As Oregon's Secretary of State, one of my most important goals is to make sure that every Oregonian has the opportunity to register and to vote. Your vote is your voice. Voting gives each individual the power to make decisions about who leads our state and what laws are passed - and I am working hard to provide every Oregonian with the information and inspiration they need to exercise their precious right to vote.

The Voters' Pamphlet is the most direct and complete source of information on candidates and issues in our state. I encourage you to use this document as a resource to help you make thoughtful, informed decisions as you vote. Remember: the ballot you cast in May will affect all of our lives and the future of our state.

The May 2002 election will be Oregon's second statewide primary conducted entirely by mail. Two years ago, a total of over 900,000 Oregonians cast ballots in the first vote-by-mail Primary. The high turnout during the 2000 Primary reversed a steady twenty-year decline in the number of Oregonians casting Primary Election ballots. In fact, it represented a 16 percent increase over the highest number of votes ever cast in a polling place Primary Election.

This year, I challenge Oregon to do even better. The nation is experiencing a disturbing decline in voter participation, particularly among young people. We stand the risk of losing a whole generation of voters. You have the power to guarantee that does not happen, and to change Oregon for the better.

I give you this challenge in the firm belief that WE, the people, ARE the government. The government is what we make of it. If we are not happy with the policies or priorities of those now making the decisions, we have the power and the responsibility to redirect government to match our needs. You have the power to change our government with your voice - and you have the power to change our world with your vote.


Bill Bradbury
Secretary of State

P.S. You will notice that the ballot measures contained in this document are numbered 10, 11 and 13. This is not an error; the original Measure 12 was a legislative referral that was removed from the ballot at the request of the legislature and by order of the Marion County Circuit Court.
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