Voters of the Third Congressional District

On May 21, 1996, there will be two elections relating to the office of Representative in Congress, Third Congressional District.

1. Filling the Current Vacancy

A vacancy currently exists in Congress because Representative Ron Wyden was recently elected as a United States Senator for Oregon. On May 21, 1996, voters in the Third Congressional District will elect an individual to fill this vacancy for the remainder of the term (until January of 1997). All voters, including those not affiliated with a major political party, may participate in the special election to fill this vacancy.

The candidates to fill this vacancy in the Third Congressional District are:

Mark Brunelle

Earl Blumenauer

Joe Keating

Victoria P. Guillebeau

2. Nominating Primary Election for Next Full Term

Additionally, on May 21, 1996, a voter who is registered as a Democrat or Republican may cast a vote for the candidate they wish to be the nominee of their political party for the next regular full term (January 1997 through January 1999) as Representative in Congress for the Third Congressional District. The major political party nominees, along with any independent or minor political party candidates, will appear on the 1996 General Election ballot in November.

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