State Representative

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Barbara L

Constitution (CON)

  • Occupation: none

    Occupational Background: family business owner

    Educational Background: 12th grade

    Prior Governmental Experience: 42 years voting taxpayer

    Marital Status: Married 35 years, mother of five, Grandmother of five, soon to be Great Grandmother of twins.


    BARBARA GONZALEZ stands for traditional core values of our founding documents, is a 2nd Amendment and 10th Amendment defender. She believes in property rights, the right to work, and the right to life without exceptions, as guaranteed rights under the Constitution for all. Barbara is a supporter and advocate of home schooling and cottage industries. She’s driven to limit government spending and regulation, with no taxation without representation.


    BARBARA GONZALEZ has watched years of the myth of endangered species act given unfounded authority over our lands, our businesses, our lives. Bureaucratic agencies are staffed without real representation of the citizens, regulating through unconstitutional means.

    Government proposes over-regulating business and taxing them out of existence as solutions to our problems. Government has employees, but does not create productive jobs. Over-regulation, with land-use laws not found in other states, has held Oregon’s people hostage without end, preventing the creation of jobs and the harvesting of resources.


    The family is under assault from loss of income, loss of a two parent home, loss of a healthy environment for children. Our community is becoming more and more dangerous. It is our duty to protect the sanctity of the home and family.

    BARBARA GONZALEZ is pro life without exceptions. I believe women have the right to be responsible with their bodies to abstain from sex until it is possible to bring life into the world safely. In rape cases, the second victim must be given a opportunity to survive in a protected environment. Never should government subsidize the abortion of potential future neighbors!

    Barbara’s opponent was nominated by both major parties.
    Where is the Difference?.


    (See CPO page Voters’ Pamphlet for further details

    (This information furnished by Barbara Gonzalez PAC.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722