State Representative

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Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: Veterinarian

    Occupational Background: Veterinarian, pipeline worker, construction worker, ranch hand, rancher

    Educational Background: Colorado State University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine & Bachelor of Science; Colorado public schools

    Prior Governmental Experience: Past member, Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority; past President, Lane County Veterinary Medical Association; past President, Lane Leaders; past District Director, Oregon Veterinary Medical Association; past Chairman, Oregon Veterinary Medical Association Legislative Committee

    BILL YOUNG: Government must Tighten its Belt
    Just like your family, Government must tighten its belt. Under Oregon’s current leadership, the state budget has increased 40% in the last four years. Bill doesn’t believe the services our state offers have matched that increase in spending, nor can Oregonians afford the tax and fee increases which have funded it. Bill Young will prioritize spending in Salem.

    BILL YOUNG: Fund Education First
    Bill knows that our children are the future leaders of Oregon and our country. Oregon needs to ensure and maximize our use of education dollars. Bill will always fund education first.

    BILL YOUNG: Making Oregon Business Friendly
    Oregon needs to create incentives for businesses to open and flourish, not leave for Idaho and Washington. When Oregon is open for business, Oregonians will prosper. Bill Young will make jobs his top priority in Salem.

    BILL YOUNG: A Community Leader
    Throughout his many years in Eugene, Bill has been an active member of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce and an affiliate of the National Federation of Independent Business for 35 years. He has been active in Kiwanis, the Greenhill Humane Society and has coached children’s sports for 10 years. He has been married to his wife Diana for 42 years and together have raised two sons. He has a track record of humble accomplishment and service to his community. He will represent you well in Salem.

    Join Bill for a change in Salem!

    (This information furnished by William D. “Bill” Young.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722