State Representative

Bud Laurent photo


Democrat (DEM)
Working Families (WFP)
Independent (IND)

  • Occupation: writer/researcher, self-employed

    Occupational Background: Marine biologist; independent businessman; non-profit CEO

    Educational Background: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Marine Biology

    Prior Governmental Experience: K-12 School Board (4 years); Community College Board (10 years); County Supervisor (=Commissioner) (8 years).

    Military service: US Air Force, Security Service (4 years)

    Oregon is at a crossroads – one way leads to extended hardship, the other leads to recovery and success. If Oregon is going to recover anytime soon, it needs leaders willing to stop the partisan in-fighting and work together to solve its problems.
    Bud Laurent will be that kind of representative.

    The incumbent has had 6 years in office – and what has he accomplished? We need an effective leader who will work to put a stop to partisan politics, fight for revenue reform while reducing the burdens of personal income taxes, and refuse International Corporation campaign contributions. We need a leader who will work to rebuild Oregon’s economy, improve education and health care, and make government accountable to Oregon’s families and small businesses.
    Bud Laurent is that leader.

    If you want someone who will represent independent and non-affiliated voters, someone who will truly support working families, this race’s only candidate to win the Independent Party of Oregon and Working Families Party nominations is:
    Bud Laurent.

    Getting Oregon back to work is Job #1

    Bud supports the Oregon Business Plan assembled by top business leaders and will work with them to produce the conditions where innovation and job-creation thrive once again. He is a champion of small businesses because they are the true engines of Oregon’s economy.

    Education and the economy

    We’re failing Oregon’s students by cutting back on vocational education and problem solving skills training – both important to our economic recovery. Bud will fight to restore both.

    Bud’s Endorsements Include:
    Oregon Small Business for Responsible Leadership •
    Linn-Benton-Lincoln Labor Council • Oregon League of Conservation Voters •
    Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler

    (This information furnished by Committee to Elect Bud Laurent.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722