Representative in Congress

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Pacific Green (PGP)
Progressive (PRO)

Occupation: Journalist

Occupational Background: Editor, Tennessee Independent Media Center; Producer, Independent Radio & Television

Educational Background: University of Minnesota; Macalester College

Prior Governmental Experience: US Senate Candidate; Peace Activist

Community Activities: Advocate for Social Justice, Secular Government, Media Democracy, Single Payer Health Care, Environmental Justice and Nuclear Abolition.

Green Values

I am running for Congress as a Green because it is time for the citizens of Oregon to have someone who represents them, and not the blind interests of a neo-conservative agenda that have led us down the path of war, neglected our most vulnerable citizens and left us with a crumbling economy.

Vote for Peace

It is time to end the failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that have cost the US taxpayers more than a trillion dollars and disgraced the United States in the eyes of the international community. Democrats have proven that they will not end war so it is up to a progressive third party to do what the Democrats have failed to do. A vote for the Green Party is a vote to bring the troops home now.

Economic Justice

We can see now that the policies of the Democratic Party will not make America stronger. Oregonians are out of work, people are losing their homes, the middle class is shrinking and the federal deficit mushrooming because of reckless war profiteering, corporate subsidies and tax breaks for the most privileged members of our community.

Positive Future

It is time for a positive change in Oregon. It is time to turn away from the policies of greed and fear that the two-party system represents. Americans are ready for a compassionate government that addresses real human needs. Thank you for your consideration of support and I look forward to serving you next year as your Green Party representative in the 5th Congressional District of Oregon.


(This information furnished by Chris Lugo.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722