State Representative

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Republican (REP)

Occupation: Small Manufacturing Co, Business Owner; Rental Housing, Owner/Manager

Occupational Background: Accredited Asset Management Specialist; Financial Advisor; Occupational Instructor/Supervisor for mentally and physically handicapped; Real Estate Investor.

Educational Background: Portland Public Schools and Community College; Real Estate School of Oregon; College of Financial Planning, AAMS, 2000.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Personal: Dee and her husband Orville grew up in and made their lives in East Portland. They raised six children between them and are expecting their ninth grandchild in March. Both have worked hard to overcome obstacles and achieve the American Dream.

Qualified and Experienced: As a business owner with a financial background, Dee Flowers knows how to prioritize spending, make good business decisions, balance checkbooks and budget with an eye to the future.

“When Voting, Remember YOU are the Employer and the Customer”

Who else borrows their way out of debt?
If you charge the baker more for flour, you’re raising the price of the bread you’ll eat. If the property taxes go up, so will your rent.
Some things are obvious and don’t take an Ivy League Theory to understand.

A Business Friendly Environment is the most important key to our fiscal health. Not just for Oregon’s bottom line, but for the many people dependent on those jobs and the services those tax dollars will provide.

Safety, Education and Vital Services should NOT be first to cut when the economy falters. We can all think of better ways to save money. How about those special interests and work contracts being given to someone’s favorite company rather than the best bidder? If the same job costs more, it’s wasteful spending.

Oregon’s elected officials should work for us, NOT special interests. Many of our state’s leaders have forgotten who they really work for.

Let’s cut government waste, improve our children’s education, support public safety, and focus on our economy.

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(This information furnished by Friends of D Flowers.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722