Representative in Congress

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Republican (REP)

Occupation: Homemaker

Occupational Background: Adana’s Nurses Registry, FedEx, Real Estate Investor

Educational Background: Nursing Mt SAC

Prior Governmental Experience: none

I’m Delia Lopez and I’ve watched as our constitution has been discarded and our rights trampled. Our Constitution was written very precisely to limit the power of government and protect the rights of the individual. The federal government was to be especially restrained, government closest to the problem is most efficient and the people are better able to maintain control.

People want the same things. Good schools for their children, a clean environment, a secure home where they can be safe. Most people would also agree that they do not want government telling them how to live their lives. Our government was to secure our rights so we could live our lives as we chose as long as we did not harm others. Government was to enforce justice when an individual was wronged.

Our politicians have a great system set up. They get campaign donations for helping tilt the field to benefit the politically connected, in some instances actually using our tax dollars for contracts that ends up getting them donations. Who do you think they represent? I am asking you for a job, to bring back government our Constitution envisioned. The people of Oregon demand better of their Representative. You are the boss, the people of Oregon.

Nancy Pelosi once stated that she had more than 85,000 calls against the bailouts, yet she voted for bailouts because we “didn’t understand”. She only listens to the people that paid to get her elected.

Political parties have lost touch with “We the People”. People are rallying in protest of government bailing out the wealthy and making deals with special interests to take over health care and a litany of other issues.

My campaign is entirely grassroots, people who want our country back. If you have questions, or want to join please contact me,


(This information furnished by Delia Lopez.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722