State Representative

Eldon Rollins photo

Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: None

Occupational Background: Includes darkroom work, eye charts, graphs, for Optometry School; library stack sorter; dishwasher; maintenance crew at mill; hay bucker; worked in net loft; delivered newspapers; inventory taker; painting crew.

Educational Background: Coquille High School, class of 70’. Portland State University, (in Oregon), 1976; B.S. biology; University Scholars Program. Additional coursework in art, psychology, accounting, statistics, public health administration. University of California at Berkeley, B.S. Optometric science, granted 1988.

Prior Governmental Experience: No government office. Precinct committeeperson; treasurer, Coos Democrats; 4th Congressional District delegate; alternate delegate to state convention; ran for state senate, 2008; ran for city council, 2004.

“The past was a promise kept, the future is a promise we must keep”

It is a tenet of our system of government, and under our constitution, that neither the rich, nor the powerful, nor the well connected, have any more rights than the least among us.
When that basic tenet is distorted or discarded, and when the interests of the few begin to overshadow the concerns of the many, our democracy must inexorably suffer for it.

Eldon Rollins

(This information furnished by Eldon Rollins.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722