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  • Constitution (CON)

  • Occupation: Industrial Piping Designer

    Occupational Background: Industrial Piping Designer

    Educational Background: BA from Moody Bible Institute

    Prior Governmental Experience: none

    We must send clear messages to our state and federal elected officials: We have had enough, restore the Republic, get back to basics of government spelled out in the US Constitution.

    State sovereignty

    Our state must assert its tenth amendment rights.

    Secure our borders

    The Federal Government has refused to enforce the law under the US Constitution in Article IV, Section 4. We must secure our own state borders.

    Limited government

    We need to reign in government spending and live within a reasonable, sustainable budget. My choice is to lower taxes. I would immediately freeze government employees’ salaries and freeze hiring any more state employees.

    ‘Company friendly’ state

    We need to encourage businesses to stay in Oregon and others to come. Through over-taxation and fees we have driven businesses away. This must stop!

    Restore our economy

    There must be a balance between employment and the environment. We must restore jobs that have been lost due to special interest groups. We can use environmentally-friendly, common-sense methods in harnessing our resources. We can secure our own state energy supplies through proven methods producing clean power at a good economical return to the consumer.


    Personhood begins at conception. Government must protect and defend the lives of its citizens against harm. Government must not encourage or fund any organization, public or private, that takes the life of the innocents.

    PERS Reform

    I will aggressively pursue PERS reform in which current and future benefits will fall in line with mainline retirement packages. PERS, if allowed to continue, will bankrupt this state and then everyone will lose.


    I would seek to implement competition into the public school system through the expansion of charter schools and accountability at the local level of all schools.

    Check the Constitution Party statement in this pamphlet and go to gregkord.com for more information.

    (This information furnished by Gregory Kord.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722